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Who Is Lorna Li?

Lorna LiLorna Li is the Mission Alchemist & Purpose Shamana, whose mission is to help worldchanging entrepreneurs unleash their purpose, attract their tribe, & inspire a movement through their mission-driven business.

Lorna Li is an international Internet marketing consultant for sustainable brands and innovative technology startups. She is the host of Entrepreneurs for a Change podcast, a web show featuring in depth interviews with world changing entrepreneurs, while her YouTube channel Lorna Li TV offers practical and evolutionary advice on business and life. She’s also the Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV, a publisher of news and information on green business and green marketing.

Before going location independent, Lorna was a digital marketer for a leading enterprise cloud computing company based in San Francisco. There she built their in-house SEO program from the ground up and developed a suite of independently branded micro-sites, small business web apps and content marketing strategies that went viral.

Prior to her career in B2B technology marketing, Lorna spent 10 years in the nonprofit sector working in Tibetan cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, indigenous rights, and social entrepreneurship. A long-time advocate of corporate social responsibility, Lorna has facilitated cross sector alliances that have provided over 150 nonprofits with access to nearly $500K in program funding.

When not attending mastermind conferences on Internet business in exotic locations like Bangkok and Bali, you might find Lorna deep in the Amazon rainforest as a guest of the Indian tribes, using their satellite Internet hookup to connect to the World Wide Web.

Free Video Training for Changemakers

As the host of Entrepreneurs for a Change, Lorna has interviewed over 70+ successful entrepreneurs. She discovered that the ones who made the most far-reaching, positive impact shared 7 keys to success. As part of her mission to empower social entrepreneurs, Lorna presents these 7 keys as part of a free video training for changemakers. To access the video training, click here:


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Join the movement of changemaking entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurs for a Change & receive the free Business Changemaker’s Toolkit to jumpstart your worldchanging business today!

The Business Changemaker’s Toolkit is a free resource to help you start a profitable business that makes an impact. The 4 modules contain ebooks, workbooks, and audio case studies of successful social entrepreneurs. Here’s what’s inside:

  1. Start a Profitable Business that Makes an Impact.
  2. Raise Money For Your Business Through Business Plan Competitions, Crowdfunding and more.
  3. Create a Magnetic Website and Powerful Online Brand.
  4. Being the Change & Inspire a Movement Through Compassionate Commerce & Storytelling.


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ixã in front of satellite dish

This village is in the middle of the jungle, I shit you not, but the satellite Internet did work, kind of.

Okay, enough with the 3rd person. My name is Lorna Li and

I Am a Deeply Happy, Digital Nomad Living the Lifestyle of My Dreams

In September 2012, I sold my house and hired an estate sales company to sell 95% of all my possessions. I currently travel the world, my work is entirely online, and my offices might be a bamboo hut with a stunning view of the mountains of Northern Thailand, or a bean bag café on a white sand beach in Indonesia, or a solar powered 1 room cultural center in a remote Indian village in the Brazilian Amazon.

How Am I Able to Live and Work Anywhere in the World?

Contrary to popular belief – I have not had to sell my soul to achieve freedom! In fact, I get to promote products I believe in and work with game changing companies who value my expertise in more ways than I ever have as an employee.

I make money online in 3 ways:

  1. As Internet marketing consultant / coach to visionary entrepreneurs, sustainable brands and innovative technology companies.
  2. Creating information products that I market to my audience of socially responsible entrepreneurs.
  3. As an affiliate marketer promoting value packed products and programs I believe that are oriented towards conscious / spiritual / social entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, I get to set my own schedule, and work with carefully selected clients who don’t care when or where I do my work, without sacrificing my core values.

coworking on the white sand beaches of Gilli island

Gilli Islands – coworking in paradise with studly Scandanavian entrepreneurs is every geekgirl’s fantasy dream.

How Was I Able to Accomplish My Lifestyle Design Dream?

Now, life wasn’t always chili mango smoothies white sand beaches. I was recently a high paid, high stressed corporate marketer, who had it all. Yet, rather than feeling happy and satisfied, life felt constantly like a frantic race against time, biting cynicism had permeated my day to day life, and I had long forgotten what joy felt like.

Before that I was a low paid, over worked nonprofit activist, where I was deeply satisfied by direct positive impact my work had, except chunks of my hair kept falling out from stress.

Somewhere in between my 2 careers, I had a realization that what I truly wanted was to be able to live and work anywhere in the world, and I knew that the only way I could accomplish this was to transition from an offline career to an online career. I wanted to learn how to make money online, specifically through search engine marketing. So I read everything I could get my hands on regarding SEO and SEM. I bought SEO Book when it was actually still a book. I paid $97 – yup $97 – for an eBook on search engine marketing – this was before any print books existed on the subject – to demystify what it was all about. So I amassed a lot of theoretical knowledge about search marketing.

There was only one catch – in spite of all my theory, no one would hire me to do online marketing because I had no experience online.

I Became A Blogger & Built Up My Personal Brand

Now there are many ways to make money online, and, blogging, frankly, is not a business. You can make money online blogging, but, these days, it is a huge amount of work for the return. Blogging, however, is great for:

  • Building up a personal brand
  • Establishing credibility in a niche
  • Networking with influencers online
  • Reaching vast audiences beyond your immediate community

Since no one would hire me as an online marketer because I had no online experience, I decided to teach myself. I started building websites just to drive targeted traffic to them – my first was Joomla!, but now I am a staunch advocate of WordPress. I started building up a strong social media presence, which drove traffic back to my personal website. I networked with influencers online and off. Eventually, I networked my way into my first job as an SEM manager.

Lorna Li & Guy Kawasaki

I met a lot of tech influencers and visionaries between 2006 – 2010. It was fun and inspiring.

So, while I was employed, I spent my spare time building and ranking websites. Taking on side consulting gigs. Growing my email list. Presenting webinars. Creating and launching info products. I’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money on strategies that didn’t work. But this was OK, since anything I learned could be expertise added to my resume and leveraged to increase my earning potential as a professional Internet marketer.

In my opinion, the best way to make money online, is to create a viable, value driven Internet business that sells digital products.

One Big Mistake, 3 Dream Crushing Beliefs & A Huge Time Wasting Fantasy

I went from Internet noob to corporate Internet marketer. I did this because I thought that getting a job in online marketing was the best way to develop the skills I needed to go independent. This was a big mistake!

If I knew what I know now, I realize I could have achieved my goals in 3-6 months rather than 7 years.

Don’t get me wrong…I am deeply grateful for the experience of working with smart people, the privilege of learning while earning, and having career credibility that a big, recognized brand brings. But this was a long, arduous path to my original goal of work that allows me freedom and independence, while making a difference.

However, in retrospect, I realized that 3 limiting beliefs that kept me from claiming my power, believing in myself and owning my true potential. These limiting beliefs caused me to waste too much time as an employee, and investing in very expensive, formal education that really did nothing for my career advancement or earning potential.

I discovered that the 3 limiting beliefs that were holding me back are the same commonly held beliefs that hold a lot of people back from pursuing their dreams. If you want to know what these 3 dream crushing limitations are, and how I overcame them, I will be honored to send you my breakthrough advice straight to your inbox.

At the same time, I partook in a huge, time-wasting fantasy that many Law of Attraction believers advocate: Follow your bliss and the money will come. More on this below.

If You Want to Live Anywhere, Change the World, & Make Good Money, Become An Entrepreneur

Jobs work for most people. Jobs provide structure, stability, regular income and a lower level of accountability. Jobs provide the comraderie of a team. You can take risks in your job and your employer absorbs the losses.

Some people need structure and feel most fulfilled when they have clear goals to meet and a list of things to do handed down from above.

However, if you are a breed of person who:

  • Is highly productive and self motivated
  • Enjoys coming up with creative ideas as well as executing on them
  • Easily bored with routine and paper pushing
  • Deeply frustrated when factors outside of your control – namely office politics – routinely squash your brilliant ideas or cause projects to take 10 times longer to finish than they should
  • See no point in sitting in a cube for exactly 8 hours a day, when you can be equally, if not more productive on flex time
  • Think 90% of departmental meetings are an utter waste of time
  • Prefer to have 100% control over your own destiny
  • A natural born risk taker

You may want to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

The truth is, you CAN make a huge positive impact in the world doing work you are passionate about, that rewards you abundantly for using your unique genius, and allows you to live exactly the way you want, with authenticity.

The best way to do this is to become an entrepreneur and create a business that generates revenue online. An Internet business allows you the flexibility to work from anywhere – from the comfort of your own home or from a bungalow on a white sand beach (with wifi, of course). Also, as an entrepreneur, unlike being an employee, there is no cap to the amount of money you can make from your business. Think about it – most jobs give you an annual raise of 5%, and if you’re lucky with a bonus structure of 10%-15%. If you earn $100K a year, a 5% raise is $5000. Big whooping deal.

Imagine growing a successful triple bottom line business that delivers value to people and the planet while generating profits. Imagine designing this business so that work adapts to your life and not the other way around – the way that most of us are conditioned to believe is the only way to survive.

It’s possible – I’ve interviewed and featured many entrepreneurs who are successfully running profitable, purpose driven businesses, with a passion. You can download 3 case studies of profitable, purpose driven businesses here.

If they can do it, you can do.

Follow Your Bliss and The Money Will Come…NOT

However, I am not advocating, “Follow your bliss and the money will come.” As I mentioned above, “Follow your bliss and the money will come” in the online world, is a huge, time wasting fantasy.

You see, not every personal passion is profitable. Some passions will never be anything more than hobbies. Other interests are difficult to monetize because the niche itself is not profitable – usually because the target audience doesn’t have the disposable income or the inclination to buy.

The danger of following your bliss online, is that you could easily fall into the trap of creating tons of content about your passion, to the point becoming a content slave. Your website might even attract a lot of traffic. But unless you have a way to monetize that traffic, your passion is really just a hobby.

Before embarking on your business venture, it’s absolutely critical that you assess the viability of your market first. Otherwise you are in for a whole world of hurt and wasted time.

The good news, there are simple techniques you can use to research the viability of a market niche. I’ve included them in my newsletter.

Debunking the Myth of the 4 Hour Work Week

Furthermore, businesses don’t just happen. If you want to build a viable, long term online business, you need to take ACTION. If you want to build a viable, online business quickly, you need to follow a system. However, many entrepreneurs I know have been able to dramatically scale back their work hours and enjoy more free time, but only after the initial ground work is done.

Lifestyle design is about designing a lifestyle exactly the way you want it, but starting a business that expresses your life purpose takes work and dedication, especially the first 2-3 years. You also need to be prepared for fluctuations in income the beginning of your venture, so you’ll need to have a financial runway in place OR build your business while working your day job.

However, having built my business simultaneously working a day job, I can tell you that the danger here is the lack of strategic focus, tiredness and disruption to momentum that having a 40 hour a week commitment can bring. That’s why its EVEN MORE IMPORTANT for day job entrepreneurs to follow a business building blue print, or you will end up taking even longer to get your venture off the ground.

If you are looking for a fast, make money online scheme “that’s so easy even a child could do it”, this is not the place to be. But if you are deeply motivated to create a viable, purpose driven business that accommodates your desired lifestyle, sign up for my newsletter and discover how.

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