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Lorna LiWelcome Changemaker!
Starting a business is both exciting and challenging. It is a lot of work, especially in the beginning. Many people around you will not understand the journey you have chosen, and may even doubt and discourage you from following your dreams. Your finances may be uncertain, and you will need to invest in your business.

For this reason, the entrepreneur’s journey is a hero’s journey that requires vision, courage, fortitude, and unflagging optimism.

To inspire you to pursue your dreams and transform your business into a passion-filled, purpose-driven adventure, I am giving you The 3P Blueprint, which includes:

  • 3 in-depth interviews with successful worldchanging entrepreneurs
  • A series of 8 emails to guide you through the process of launching & growing your own mission driven business

These worldchanging entrepreneurs reveal the good, bad, and the ugly on what it took to launch their social enterprises. These entrepreneurs have been through it, live it, and are succeeding in making a positive impact in the world through business.

Back to the Roots – How to Turn Mushrooms & Used Coffee Grounds to a Multi Million Dollar Business

Back to the Roots In this interview, Co-Founder Nikhil Arora shares how their business idea became a reality, from the early days of collecting used coffee grounds from local Berkeley coffee shops, to their partnerships with Peet’s Coffee and Whole Foods, to the multi million business it is today.

As of 2011, the company has:

  • Diverted and reused 1 million lbs of coffee grounds from the landfill
  • Helped customers grow over 250,000 lbs of their own fresh mushrooms
  • Sustained 10 school gardens through our nutritious soil amendment donations
  • Created 21 urban, green-collar jobs in the West Oakland community

Green Earth Bamboo – A Quarter Million Dollars on 10 Hours a Week

Doug Bancorn Green Earth BambooDoug Bancorn, Co-Founder of Green Earth Bamboo, shares the nitty gritty of what went into setting up their drop shipping business and offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to set up a green online business, such as:

  • What it took to become a profitable 6 figure business in one year, with nearly a quarter million in sales by the end of their second year
  • How to research and identify a product to drop ship, and what goes into selecting a drop shipping supplier
  • How much it cost to set up their e-commerce business and what they would have done differently
  • What marketing channels provide the greatest return and why he believes SEO is the way to go
  • The content strategies he uses to drive search engine traffic and rankings

Runa Amazon Guayusa – How to Attract VC Funders to Your Social Enterprise

Tyler GageTyler Gage is the President and Co-Founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa tea company, a social enterprise that exports sustainably harvested guayusa tea sourced from indigenous communities in Ecuador. In this interview, Tyler explains the process of founding a social enterprise in a developing country, and offers advice for those interested in starting their own socially-conscious business, such as:

  • Tips on walking your talk as a triple bottom line business and establishing trusted partnerships with indigenous communities
  • Founding sources (you’ve never heard of) that are available to social entrepreneurs in developing countries
  • What it takes to get funding from USAID
  • How to make your startup attractive to angel and VC investors