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Part-Time Social Change Business Writers Needed

wordpress-pluginsAre you a stay at home mom, college student, long-term traveller or overseas travel blogger with great writing skills, who is passionate about business and social change? Do you already have a personal WordPress blog but hope to make the leap to being a paid writer? Are you a long-term traveller who’d love to make money on the road, or a professional writer living a location independent lifestyle, someplace exotic and cheap in the world?

Would you love to get paid to work from home, or from anywhere? Does the thought of having a flexible schedule & side hustle cash, without full time commitment seem highly appealing to you? Are you interested in companies that are addressing the world’s problems through creative business solutions? If so, this paid, part-time Social Change Business Writer position might be a good fit for you.

How It Works

We prefer to work with work-at-home moms, college students, long-term travelers, or overseas ESL teachers who are native North American English speakers. We pay $10 USD per 500 word blog post or $.02 per word. We will pay more than $10 USD / post for more sophisticated business articles that reflect an understanding of online marketing, or high-level business concepts, on an as-needed basis. We have these 3 types of gigs available:

  • Business interviews. We send business owners a list of interview questions. They essentially write the bulk of the blog content by answering the interview questions. You will need to incorporate the company overview & entrepreneurs bio (which they will be asked to provide) into the opening paragraph of the article, author a conclusion, and polish it up so that it flows editorially. You’ll also need to include any relevant links and images, which will be provided to you. Estimated unique word count is 150 – 200 words. We pay $6 USD / post for these articles (which works out to be $0.04 / word), plus $10 USD / hour for outreach to these companies (we’ll provide a list) to invite them to be featured. A good, fast writer should be able to polish up 3-4 of these posts in 1 hour and thus earn $18 – $24 USD / hour.
  • Article rewrites & updates. We have a number of old articles from another website that need to be re-written and updated with more current information in a different site. You will be provided with content and images. These types of article rewrites are also $6 USD / 500 words.
  • Fresh articles written from scratch. You will be provided with the article title, keywords, and subheader topics, as well as research URLs to inform your article, and 1 or 2 images. These will pay $10 USD / 500 word post.
  • Special topic business articles. We occasionally post article series, free reports, and ebooks. Depending on the subject matter & level of business sophistication required, we pay $.03 – $.04 / word.
  • Your own column. If you want to stick with us, have firmly grasped our editorial voice and the stories we are interested in, and can independently keep the content flowing, we’ll pay you $15 USD / post to publish your own column once or twice a week.

Job Requirements

We are looking for people who are passionate about social change and sustainability, which are fairly sophisticated audiences. This means that you “get” what eco-conscious people care about. For example, you understand what would be accepted as “sustainable” in this audience and what would be rejected as “greenwash”. You get that this audience would find genetically modified organisms to be revolting, that “going green” is much more than “reduce, reuse, and recycle”, and that polyester isn’t more “green” than leather.

In order to qualify for this job you must:

  • Be a native English speaker. And be able to write in American English. Please, no English-as-a-second language applicants, unless you speak perfect, naturalized American English.
  • Know what the difference is between a business and a nonprofit organization. Unless otherwise specified, we only cover the work of for-profit businesses, so if you confuse one or the other, we’ll be requesting a re-write. Sorry.
  • Be proficient in WordPress and basic HTML. You need to be able properly to resize & position images and add hyperlinks. Our editorial guidelines require the use of certain tags. We don’t have the bandwidth to do WordPress training, but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube you can review first, if you have no prior WordPress experience but you want to apply for this job.

How to Get Paid More

We value writers who are proactive in promoting their posts. If you are savvy with social media, have an existing audience of followers who love your writing and will promote you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon or are willing to promote your articles to our established social media communities, we can discuss a higher rate for your services.

To Apply, Please Fill Out this Form

Fill out my online form.

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