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There’s a myth out there that making a positive impact in the world requires selfless service to a charitable cause for little to no pay. There’s a myth out there that the best way you can make a big impact while making a lot of money, is to work that the high paying, soul leeching job, so you can make large contributions to charity. There’s a myth out there that work sucks because it’s work, and since more than 80% of the people out there hate their jobs, having work that you love is simply not a reality for the rest of us.

My mission is to crack the code to creating a career that you love,

that makes a positive impact and supports you abundantly.

I believe that the best way to do this is to become an entrepreneur. Now, every serious entrepreneur knows that building a financially sustainable, spiritually rewarding business requires focus, commitment, and hard work. What distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from 95% of businesses that fail is not necessarily because those who didn’t succeed didn’t work as hard. It’s because the successful entrepreneurs had:

  • Access to game changing information which gave them a competitive edge
  • Access to capital and the support of investors
  • The mentorship of industry experts and collaborative peers
  • A system based approach to running a business efficiently
  • A mindset of success and abundance
  • A willingness to invest in their success

I’ve interviewed numerous entrepreneurs who are making a an impact on a massive scale, abundantly, and passionately. Taking their wisdom and strategic advice, I’ve created guides to help you create an authentic, thriving, changemaking business.

The Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit – Coming April 20, 2013

ethical ecobiz toolkit
The Ethical EcoBiz Toolkit is a complete guide to launching and growing a sustainable brand that embraces principles of triple bottom line business – people, planet, and profits.

Filled with expert audio interviews from green business thought leaders, workbooks, case studies, and more, you’ll discover paradigm shifting strategies for your business, whether you are an emerging entrepreneur or actively taking your green business to the next level.

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Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit

The 2012 Green Business Entrepreneurs Success Summit was a week long alternative Green MBA – a virtual event designed to take you through the stages of green entrepreneurship, while providing you with practical strategies, tactics, and tools to succeed. In order to make this value packed, evergreen information accessible to all green business entrepreneurs, I’ve uploaded the entire week-long program into a private members only area that you can access anytime, anywhere. This suite of game changing content includes:

  • Instant MP3 download of all 25 Green Business Success Seminars
  • PLUS 5 case studies of profitable green businesses with behind the stage information on exactly how they achieved their success
  • PLUS all the Awesome Speaker Bonuses
  • PLUS Transcripts of selected Internet Marketing tracks, which you can print out, study at your leisure, and write notes on

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The Social Changemaker’s Ninja Marketing Kit

Social Changemaker's Ninja Marketing Kit

The Social ChangeMaker’s Ninja Marketing Kit contains a rolodex of all the most influential environment and social change makers on the social web, plus an instruction manual filled with tools and strategies on how to take your social media marketing to the next level.

This includes approximately 500 of the most influential green, cleantech and social change bloggers in the bloggosphere, with useful information such as their Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Google Page Rank, Klout Score and more.

We also have a directory of some of the most social media savvy green businesses around, their social profile information, organized by niche.

How is this useful?

Let’s say you have a product or service you want to promote, and your customers are eco conscious individuals. By connecting with this list of influencers, your message will be significantly amplified. But there is a method to engaging thought leaders and influencers.

The good news is, the Social Changemaker’s Ninja Marketing Kit will show you exactly how.
I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money researching, curating and compiling information designed to help change making entrepreneurs succeed. The rolodex alone is worth over $1000. The knowledge on how to leverage the information is priceless.

I guarantee that you will spend at least $1000 gathering this information on your own, but why would you when you can get this and MUCH MORE for less than $200?

The Mentor Attraction Plan

The Mentor Attraction Plan

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