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The Importance of Testimonials

It’s easy for anyone to call themselves an expert online these days, and as an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to invest your time, energy and money into hiring and partnering with the right person – a person with a track record of success, who is committed to their work and, most importantly, knows what they can deliver and can achieve results.

It’s also really easy to spam your entire LinkedIn network for endorsements and get hundreds of vanilla testimonials from people that hardly know you and never worked with you in a short period of time.

Therefore, I always recommend, before hiring anyone, to see if they have good testimonials, and to pay attention to 3 key indicators:

  1. Is the person providing the endorsement a trusted member of your community, well established in their industry, or a recognized authority in your field?
  2. Are the successes claimed by the individual in their resume or CV substantiated by 3rd party testimonials?
  3. Are all the endorsements recent, or is there a track history of detailed, positive testimonials that spans many years?

Praise I’m Deeply Grateful For

Here are some of the really wonderful endorsements from other people around my commitment to a better world, and my capacity to deliver results. Thank you so much for your trust in me, and for inspiring me to be the remain true to my mission and vision.

Praise from the Green Business & Social Enterprise Community

Lorna is a master at both online and traditional green marketing. Her website, GreenMarketing.tv is consistently at the top of search rankings as a result of her persistant hard work, as are various articles and sections of TriplePundit.com which she has contributed to from time to time.

nick aster ~ Nick Aster
Founder & Publisher at Triple Pundit

Lorna hired me as a blogger to assist in a link building campaign for a top national solar company. Over the course of three months, Lorna coordinated with myself and other writers to create a large volume of optimized blog posts for well-known green websites. Although the project was large and at times unwieldy, Lorna manged the remote team with deft efficiency. I was very impressed to see that within 90 days, the client ranked #1 for a highly competitive solar keyword.

Beth Buczynski ~ Beth Buczynski
Writer, Editor, & Green Brand Advocate at See Beth Write

Working with Lorna has been an excellent experience! The level of detail and information that she has is enormous. As a speaker in the Green Business Entrepreneurs Summit I was amazed at the quality and the amount of information that Lorna has about the green economy and the green social media scene.

If you have ever visited GreenMarketing.tv you will know that Lorna is extremely knowledgable about sustainability and that she has the pulse of the green social movement.

She is a person that i will collaborate with many times over the next years.

warren fligg ~ Warren Fligg
Owner, Performance Based Green Affiliate Network


Lorna has been a veritable wellspring of knowledge and resources. During our relationship, Lorna has offered invaluable knowledge and guidance in developing my online relationships, extending tools such as WordPress, SEO, and positioning in the sustainability sector.

She has helped open up opportunities that have supported some of the related work I am doing in sustainability, as well as PR opportunities to expand my reach to wider circles. I have the highest respect for her work and the wisdom she brings to any endeavor.

~ Amy Seidman
Owner Creative Entity & Incredible Places Digital Media Agencies


Lorna is adept at creating media that tells the story of social entrepreneurs, in a way that not only promotes the business, but inspires other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Her insightful videos, audio podcasts, and digital products provide detailed, step by step guidance on how to become a profitable, purpose driven business.

Lorna’s breadth of knowledge across a variety of both technical and cultural areas is a rare find. She’s always committed to supporting those she works with and seeing opportunities that others don’t.

tyler gage ~ Tyler Gage
President, Co-Founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa Tea


Lorna is not only an expert is the environmental and green space, but she is also an aggressive and self-motivated online marketing expert. Lorna took the most basic of instruction and ran with it, becoming our secret weapon in this particular anti-global warming environmental policy campaign.

~ Chris Abraham
Partner, SocialMedia.biz


Lorna is actively involved in green web 2.0 marketing. She has invested a great deal of time and energy into exploring all angles and offers her findings to her readers and clients on her informative blogs. I would recommend any company looking to make it in the green market to look to Lorna for guidance.

Amie Nguyen ~ Amie Nguyen
Founder, Web Strategist at AmieDigital

I worked with Lorna on a campaign for a client helping to promote several amendments in the 2007 Energy Bill. Lorna was a fantastic person to work with and was an incredible addition to our team. Her knowledge, connections and expertise in the Green Blogging and Social Media world was immensely helpful. Her understanding of the Social Media and how to interact with the relevant sectors of this new media realm was superb. Lorna was prompt, efficient and reliable in every task assigned to her. Her work was of an extremely high quality and I would highly recommend her.

saul wainwright ~ Saul Wainwright
Director of Client Services, Abraham Harrison New Media Marketing


I’ve known Lorna for years. Her dedication to community empowerment, social justice, and environmental sustainability is without question. She is a well-known member of the activist community and has worked with a number of my colleagues on worthwhile projects. She is dedicated to social change, hard working and professional. I am looking forward to working with her on future projects and my own business ventures.

philippe lewis ~ Philippe Lewis
Owner, Edible Love Organic, Fair Trade Gourmet Chocolates


Praise for Results Driven Internet Marketing

Here are endorsements of my work in online marketing and online advocacy, which includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, blogging, and WordPress micro site development.


Lorna pioneered our social SEO campaigns and tested various approaches to viral link building, from infographics, to video, free apps and widgets. It’s hard to make B2B go viral, yet she was able to come up with content ideas and identify vendors to help us launch a variety of different campaigns. She single handedly managed and grew several niche microsites, driving the content, traffic, rankings and lead gen strategy. Lorna is a self starter, hard working, creative, and continuously trying to learn and improve her internet marketing game – qualities that make her a great asset to any online marketing team

~ Bill Shaw
Director of SEO, salesforce.com

Lorna is my go to SEO guru. I’ve found no one more knowledgeable during my five years in online media. And she has the rare ability to mix warmth with a no-nonsense dedication to results.

neal gorenflo~ Neal Gorenflo
Publisher, Shareable Magazine


Lorna is a creative force to be reckoned with! We had the good pleasure of doing several social media-powered campaigns for products & video. Her energy is infectious. You won’t find status quo in this gal, she wants to push the boundaries and take things to the next level. It is with my great pleasure to recommend Lorna for your company or next project!

~ Marcus Nelson
Founder & CEO, Addvocate


Lorna was the SEO for the Force.com Platform, which enables cloud based application development. During the time she worked with us, she increased our SEO traffic by nearly 250% through on page SEO, as well as link building. She tirelessly educated the team on SEO best practices and showed us improvements to our key performance metrics over time. Her expertise in SEO was an invaluable asset to the team and I personally have grown through key lessons I gained from her.

jason powers ~ Jason Powers
Executive Interactive Producer, salesforce.com


Praise for My Digital Products

I’ve lead the development of web apps and digital products that solve problems and provide value to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lorna is a creative thinker, effective planner, and gifted leader. I had the pleasure of working with her on a 2-week project to integrate WordPress with Salesforce—just in time for the WordPress user conference and the Web 2.0 expo. It was an extremely ambitious time frame given all the project complexities.

Lorna pulled together all the technical pieces, effectively led a diverse team, and mounted a comprehensive social media campaign that resulted in lots of publicity, including mentions by Matt Mullenweg and in Tim O’Reilly’s keynote.

sylvia lehnen ~ Sylvia Lehnen
Director, Content Marketing & Campaigns at SuccessFactors

I worked with Lorna on the launch of a plugin that captures leads from WordPress sites and, instead of routing the lead to your email – where it easily gets buried – as most lead capture plugins do, it is captured in Salesforce CRM. It was a really useful app, that solved a problem that our users were facing – how to easily add a web form to their WordPress site that was easy to use, integrated with their existing design, and didn’t require additional dev resources in order for it to work.

It was an under the radar project whose success took everyone by surprise, with mentions on all the major tech blogs. WordPress to Lead great case study in the power of freemium app development, viral marketing and social media PR.

bing yang ~ Bing Yang
Director, Product Management at Salesforce.com



Writing & Content Praise

I write about and develop content marketing strategies about complex issues, namely emergent technologies, social computing, B2B marketing, and environmental sustainability.

She embraced the rapidly evolving world of Web 2.0 and almost immediately aligned with the the bigger picture of not just startups, but the overall landscape of social computing and how emerging technologies were redefining the way people use the web and connect with each other.

~ Brian Solis
Principal at Altimeter Group
Author, Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web
Author The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution

Lorna provides an in-depth analysis to her postings of the web 2.0 companies holding the launch parties and networking events. She goes beyond just talking about the pretty faces present to providing a detailed account of who this start up is, what their product does and why they are the “it” company being covered today.

~ Julie Blaustein
Digital Media Consultant


Lorna stepped forward as one of my lead writers and content experts for the 2006 Sustainable World Sourcebook. Her education and in-depth knowledge of free trade issues, globalization, and climate change, along with excellent writing and editorial skills synthesized very complex issues in a format accessible to a general audience.

shera sever ~ Shera Sever
Principal, Leadership & Career Consultant Igniting the Spark

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