I believe in the power of manifestation, and have applied the principles of The Secret toward achieving my personal goals with great success. However, I believe that in addition to forming a mental intention to accomplish a goal, especially a big goal, the action that one takes towards fulfilling this intent are equally, if not more important than just the concept itself. In other words, just thinking about being rich is not going to suddenly – poof – make you rich. You have to create an action plan and then take the appropriate actions towards increasing wealth.

I know many people who wholeheartedly believe in The Secret and the power of The Power of Intention, but still remain, pretty much, stuck in the same situation they are trying to get out of. The other day I was discussing with a friend of mine who is just now starting to formulate his life goals beyond working McJobs to fund long backpacking stints around the world, while scrimping and penny-pinching in between jaunts. He’s now in a place where he wants to have a meaningful career and one day, be able to support a family. He’s determined to make a six figure salary next year. But how to get there from a year and a half of unemployment and a work history of menial jobs?

Having thought a lot about the art of meaningful, spiritually, & financially fulfilling work over the past decade and a half, I shared with him the 4 attributes that I believe are essential towards fulfilling a big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG):

  1. Clear Vision – the Universe is conspiring to help you. However, if you are not clear with exactly what it is you want, the Universe will misfire, presenting you with opportunities and choices that may be off, or a diluted version of what you want.  Spending the time to ask yourself what it is you truly want is the most important part of the manifestation process. This process is as much emotional as it is intellectual – its important to feel as if you were on the verge, if not already living the achievement of your goal. This way the emotional connection between your body and mind will ground the vision in the present moment. Achieving your goal will feel real, and eventually become real.  Because the clear visioning process is so important, remember to focus on the positive fulfillment of your goals. Don’t focus on the negative, by obsessing about the things you want to avoid.
  2. Statement of Intention – once you have arrived at a clear vision of your goals, the next step is to state your intention to the Universe. Sum up your goal in a 30 second elevator pitch to the Universe. Be able to state your goal clearly, with confidence. Write it down. Then proceed to write down all the details around the goal itself. Let’s say your goal is to work for a company that “develops a cutting edge social application that enables people to connect like never before at the local level.” Imagine what this application would do and map out the ways in which people would interact. Imagine the kind of developers you would work with, and the kind of people who would be on your team. Where would funding come from? How much money would you make? What title would you have? Make a big list and down all the details. Make a vision board with magazine cut-outs and drawings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this process, only to stash my list somewhere, find it months later and discover that I’d achieved nearly every, if not every item on the list. That’s why it’s important to be specific – the more specific you get, the easier it is for the Universe to conspire to help you.
  3. Right Action – this means integrity, coupled with efficiency. Being busy is not the same as being efficient. It’s super easy to fill the day with busy-ness, to run yourself ragged going from one thing to another, and yet never appear to make any progress. If this is happening, take a step back and identify which actions are bringing you closer to your goal and which are simply taking up your time. Eliminate the time suckers. It could also be that you have too many projects going on at the same time, and are simply stretched too thin. At this point, it’s important to identify which project is the most important and focus. From an energetic perspective, working from a place of integrity is the most efficient.
  4. Community – networking and creating ongoing relationships with like-minded people, especially those who share similar goals, is critical to success, especially to the success of big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs). No (wo)man is an island, and it’s very difficult to manifest a big, challenging vision and succeed all alone. Most successful people and organizations are buoyed by the community of people that surround them. For this reason, it’s valuable to seek mentorship from people who are ahead of you in the process, as well as comraderie among peers who are at the same stage of development. Never forget to pay it forward, to people behind you on the path. At the same time, it’s necessary to prune out the people in your life who will tear you down, be a negative influence, bum you out, and display habits & behaviors that are not in line with your vision. By creating a great community and support network around you, we all end up inspiring each other to grow, share, and learn.

So these are my 4 pillars of success for the manifestation of a big personal goal or vision. What do you think?

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