What does it take to make business a path of spiritual awakening?

What does it truly take to leverage YOUR business as a force for humanity’s awakening and massive positive impact on the planet?

Having spent a decade of my professional career exploring the sustainability and social enterprise sector, one thing became clear to me. Not everyone working in these sectors were necessarily committed to evolving into the highest versions of themselves, let alone just being a kinder, more compassionate person.

Some people found themselves in these fields because it happened to by their first job out of college. Others were genuinely interested in solving the world’s most pressing concerns, but still operated in ways where personal integrity was lacking.

Regardless of what industry you are in, what job you have, or what tasks you do, any endeavor can be turned into a path of awakening, and any venture can be turned into a force for awakening, simply through the power of alignment.

9 Keys to Alignment that Activate Your Purpose, Power, & Prosperity

Alignment is a powerful spiritual tool that can save you time, energy, and money as a business owner if you learn to recognize it and then learn leverage it. It can be difficult for many people to tune into alignment, because we are so conditioned by society’s expectations and cultural narratives.

Many of us do not even know how to recognize our own core values and needs, where our boundaries lie, let alone how to communicate our boundaries with clarity and compassion. Many of us have never been taught that our boundaries are important and that we have intrinsic value.

By taking some time to tune into who we are, what we feel is important, what we value, and then noticing the energetic feeling that arises when we are engaged in actions that are aligned with these attributes, this simple practice of attunement can help us use our time, energy, and resources on only endeavors that support our highest good.

Specifically, there are 9 ways we can align to the truth of who we are that supports us in activating our purpose, power, and prosperity. Each alignment activates a gift or “superpower” if you will. These are:

1. Alignment of Value

This key involves knowing what your core values are and where your boundaries lie, as well as the ability to graciously communicate your boundaries to someone else. Included in this key is Knowing what your gifts are, and fully owning those gifts. When you truly value and honor yourself, then any situation, association or interaction that isn’t in alignment will feel off, inharmonious, abrasive, strained, or unpleasant.

Activation: The Indestructible Diamond Heart of Self-Worth

2. Alignment of Self-Knowledge

Self-knowledge involves knowing who you are, what you want, and what you offer, as well as knowing what you know, what you don’t know, and being open to the fact that there are even things you don’t know you don’t know.

Activation: The Quite, Humble Radiance of Personal Power

3. Alignment of Conduct

High-integrity conduct has power and this power arises from congruence in your actions of body, speech and mind. Congruence means that you endeavor to close the gap between what you say and what you do. It involves being authentic to who you are, rather than pretending you need to be someone else. For example, just because you are spiritually inclined doesn’t mean you have to talk in a soft Goddess voice all the time if that isn’t you, or that you don’t ever get angry and swear like a sailor. If you realized you fucked something up, say, “I’m sorry.” Better yet, say “I’m sorry”, and offer an action of amends as a tangible gesture of reconciliation.

Spiritual awakening is a work in progress, and we are all stumbling on the path to Enlightenment.

Activation: The Magnetic Charisma that Comes from Trust

4. Alignment of Intention

This alignment governs the connection between your intentions and your actions. So if you intend to grow a global, world-changing business, you need to take the actions that are required for you to achieve this. That means developing skills that are needed for your business to succeed, regardless of how you feel about it.

For example, I love marketing. I loathed sales. I had to learn how to do sales. Or my business would fail.

Even the best salesperson needs the time to learn my products / programs to develop the confidence to sell them. So there is no better person than the business owner to sell their own products, especially in the beginning.

So you could hire experts to do that piece of your business for you, which can be very expensive, if you want someone who knows what they are doing. You don’t want to hire a low level cut and paste marketing person to drive your marketing strategy… this is going to cost you money, not save you money. I cannot tell you how often I see business owners thinking they have their SEO strategy covered because they hired a writer who knows SEO. No way folks. SEO is so much more than that, it’s about your info architecture, your technological infrastructure and site speed, external link development.

So if you intend to have a business, you need to do whatever the fuck it will take to get it to be profitable. And this involves learning new skills, hiring mentors, consultants, contractors and employees. You need to be able to fix things in the middle of the fucking night if that’s what is needed. You need have the resilience to watch your bank account drain in front of your eyes. Don’t expect anyone to care more about your business than you.

It almost always costs business owners way more financial investment than they anticipated. If you don’t have that kind of alignment between what you desire, the actions required to get it, and the willingness to endure the pain to get there… then get a job.

It’s totally OK to have a job, and do your transformational work as a hobby, or as a side hustle gig that generates extra cash for spa days and vacations.

Activation: Ass-Kicking Manifestation

5. Alignment of Offer

This means that what you offer is in alignment with what your audience or market wants, and the customer’s ability to easily and quickly get it from you. Anything out of alignment in the marketing and sales delivery process will directly impact your bottom line.

Activation: The Unobstructed Flow of Abundance

6. Alignment of Reciprocity.

Powerful, effective partnerships can accelerate the growth of your business while saving you time and money. For a partnership to be effective, and for it to evolve into a long-term strategic alliance that continues to provide value, the collaboration must be based in mutual consent and provide mutual benefit.

Activation: Acceleration of Impact

7. Alignment of Relationship

When those you associate and engage with are aligned with your values, mission, and vision, then your work is not just fun, it becomes the magical fulfillment of everyone’s sacred calling. There is no energetic drag from individuals who are not mission-aligned, that are going through the motions because it’s just a day job to them. In order to activate the gifts this key unlocks, you must make these adjustments in your relationships:

  • That you partner with soul-aligned partners
  • That you serve soul-aligned clients
  • That the people who work for you are aligned with your mission and core values

Activation: Harmonic Synergy & Cultural Resonance

8. Cosmic Alignment

This involves clearing and aligning your Chakras, with the Earth & the Universe. While most yogic practices refer to a 7 Chakra system, the 12 Chakra system includes energy centers that are outside the body. The Earth Star Chakra is located a foot and a half below your feet and is responsible for our connection to the Earth. The Soul Star Chakra is located just above your head, and is responsible for the transmission cosmic energies through your other chakras. The Universal Chakra is located above the Soul Star Chakra and is associated with your ability to cultivate psychic and healing abilities. The Galactic Chakra allows for communication with spirit guides and divine entities, and is also referred to as the “Channel for Prophesy. The Divine Gateway Chakra is the pinnacle of the 12 Chakra system and is associated with complete spiritual ascension.

Activation: Divine Creative Flow, One-Pointed Focus & Synchronicity

9. Quantum Alignment

This key involves the alignment of Your Physical Body, Energetic Body, Past Self, Future Self, Inner-Child & Highest Self. By integrating and aligning your multi-dimensional selves as a quantum being, you unlock the power to heal the past and magnetize your desired future towards you. The gift that this alignment brings is that magical feeling you are fulfilling a sacred destiny that extends beyond time & space.

Activation: Fulfillment of Personal Destiny & Ancient Prophesy

What Happens When You Claim These 9 Keys to Alignment?

When you start implementing these 9 Keys to Alignment, you accelerate your ability to make magic and money. Now, these keys require perpetual fine tuning – alignment is a practice! Also, as a business owner, each individual that enters your orbit, whether its a personal relationship or business relationship, will add their energy into the mix. Creating alignment with other humans is an ongoing, beautiful, and potent dance. As a practitioner of energetic alignment, you may realize these benefits to your life:

  • Your story becomes an inspiration to others.
  • The people you attract are epic in their own right.. and world-changing collaboration unfolds with joyful delight.
  • You are approached by complete strangers who praise you for your work.
  • Your presence and work contributes to humanity’s conscious evolution.
  • You create a life of absolutely no regrets and fall madly in love with life itself

However, if your desire is to become a global leader who ignites a movement around your mission-driven business, then it is absolutely critical that, in addition to cultivating alignment, you must cultivate the core qualities of light leadership as well.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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