One of the most powerful ways to grow your business is through Internet marketing launches. One such launch model I’ve used, which in my opinion is one of the fastest ways to grow a 6-figure business online, is the virtual summit launch. Now, Internet marketing launches are not for the faint of heart. Largely because you have hard deadlines that you must meet, or your launch will flop. Also, you really need to put in a good measure of market research and strategic planning. That way you can be sure that you are attracting thousands of the right kind of people – your ideal fans, prospects and clients – to your online event, and not a bunch of people who really don’t need what you have to offer. Finally, your technology needs to work, and this typically involves having to integrate different software platforms into a single online sales system. All kinds of technology issues can arise around software integration.

Therefore, in order to successfully, and profitable launch, you really need at least 3 months of pre-launch planning, and a battle-tested launch funnel built out ideally 1 month before your partners promote. I’ve been able to launch by the skin of my teeth with getting a working funnel up literally 48 hours in advance of partner promo, but I definitely do not recommend this as it is hugely stressful and the tail end of many nights of lost sleep. Any Internet marketing launch comes with a certain measure of chaos and the unexpected… that’s the nature of launches. Having been through a fair share myself, dealing with random monkey wrenches thrown into the mix has become much easier, to the point where I hardly bat an eyelid anymore, but just take a deep breath, roll up my sleeves, and create a plan to deal with it.

So, when on Day 2 of my virtual summit about sacred commerce and light leadership, formerly called The Sacred Business Summit, I was surprised ( and also not surprised, because every launch seems to come with that thing that bites you in the ass) to receive an email from Ariana Ayu, informing me that she owned the trademark for Sacred Business Summits, and that I must remove all my branding immediately.

That sinking feeling when I realized that I neglected to check the TESS database for any trademarks of the name I had selected for my online event.

Ughhh! Stupid, stupid me! (I berated myself for about 30 minutes, then pulled the plug on negative self-talk.)

Then, I took a deep breath, took a step back, and my brain started to put together an action plan. What could I easily address first, what would take more time, and how do I do it without having to take down a live event but allow it to complete at the scheduled time, 5 days later? What I absolutely wanted to avoid was receiving an official cease and desist letter from a lawyer. That would indeed force a shut down.

The first thing I needed to do was to respond to Ariana’s email, which indicated this was her 2nd request. I have no idea where on earth that 1st requested went to, but already the clock was potentially ticking on her patience. I reflected upon what it would be like for her, to have invested all the hard work building up her brand, and then only to have someone else waltz in with an event of the same name. I also had a hunch that as the trademark holder of Sacred Business Summit, she might also be doing business as a path of spiritual awakening, and might actually be an understanding and kind person. And then I thought, how about we work this out in full transparency, and I share this conversation with my audience, who can then, through this example of Light Leadership in action, learn all about awakened conflict resolution and the power of trademarks.

The Power of Trademarks to Protect Your Brand

In this powerful conversation with Ariana Ayu, trademark owner of Sacred Business Summit, we discuss how to navigate trademark disputes as awakened entrepreneurs. Ariana will share with us:

  • Why it’s important to file a trademark to protect your brand
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when assuming their brand is protected by “first use”
  • What to do if someone else holds the trademark, but in a different industry
  • What happens if you DON’T defend your trademark

About Ariana Ayu

Author, activist, international speaker, multi-preneur, mentor, and mom, ARIANA AYU is a TRANSFORMATIONAL MYSTIC and a CATALYST for CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE. For over two decades, she has studied ancient and modern wisdom from a wide variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. She’s done a wide variety of sacred travel, including Earth-grid work with Drunvalo Melchizadek in Easter Island and Moorea, ceremonies inside multiple Egyptian pyramids with Nicki Scully and Star Wolf, and private communing with stone circles in Ireland and Scotland. Her most constant journey has been an inner one; always seeking to understand her inner workings and evolve into a more authentic expression of her soul’s purpose on Earth.

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Photo by Nicholas Punter on Unsplash

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