On Sunday I found myself experiencing profound, soul level primordial pain deep in my heart that unleashed a never-ending flow of tears….that unexpectedly turned into a dance music video.

The event that triggered it was tiny compared to the well of emotional pain that was tapped. At at the same time, in choosing to commit to a new vision of planetary healing that Friday, I realized I not only intentionally signed up for this next level of challenge, I sealed with a massive, soul-shaking soplada of exceptionally strong Huni Kui rapé.

Because the deal is, if I truly want to commit to a vision where men and women consciously heal the collective gender wound, I must be willing to heal that in myself. 

And fuck, was it already kicking my ass.

What it Truly Means to be a Visionary Healer

If you are in my tribe, chances are, you are a healer. Perhaps you are a healer of the body. Or you may be a healer of the energy body. Or a healer of the mind. Or a healer of our culture.

I don’t do hands on healing work. Or even distance healing work. But as a publisher of consciousness-raising media, I am a effectively a healer of our culture. Because the content I publish reaches tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people) I have been shown, over and over again by Madre Ayahuasca that what I publish has an impact on collective consciousness. Therefore be mindful about what I publish. And indeed this responsibility is reinforced in those moments when a total stranger quotes my own work back to me.

And because the plant medicine path is fundamentally about soul-level healing, my own personal healing is deeply entwined with the work that I do around creating content that awakens.

What is Shamanic Soul-Level Healing?

In mainstream culture, healing typically means addressing physical injury. Holistic approaches also advocate healing the emotional or psychological trauma associated with that physical injury. But many of us carry traumas that go back years, decades, and for most of us, our most profound wounds were never physical. And those core wounds can be triggered when certain causes and conditions are met, often around experiences of love. The emotional pain that arises can be intense, and trigger behaviors that can lead to self-sabotage, self-harm or self-numbing through addictions. How do you truly heal this?

From a shamanic perspective, the wound that persists stems from soul loss, that is, a fragment of your soul split off from your energy body at the time of trauma, and shamanic soul retrieval is what is needed to heal this.

When you enter the trance state to call your soul fragments back, you might be met with an inner aspect of yourself. A wounded inner child who embodies the totality of the pain you experience in that moment.

And so that’s the real spiritual work, where you have to shine the light of your own self-love so brightly, and so fiercely, that it burns away the abject misery of feeling alone, uncared for, unloved, misunderstood, abandoned and rejected in the world. That core wound in yourself. To love up that wounded inner child who still lives inside you and asks in a small voice,

“Is the world truly a better place with me in it?”

This is what Shamanic Soul-Level healing is about.

Turn Soul-Level Healing Into Planetary Healing

Pain. A human experience that is far too common. You don’t have to look far to see the millions of people who die alone, betrayed, in fear, in violence, in hunger, in the cold, in the dark. Each year.

In that regard, you are not alone.

And so in loving that wounded, inner child, you love all those in the world who are suffering and in pain too. So your heart needs to be big enough and strong enough to hold that collective pain and love humanity fiercely.

So with every breath, you breathe in your pain, you breathe in humanity’s pain, and you breath out divine, healing love, to all beings, so that they might be free of suffering and embraced in love.

This is what it means to take the Bodhisattva Vow. This is what Planetary Healing is all about.

Suffering is a Choice

For most people. Not for all people. The ability to develop healthy coping habits around soul-level pain depends on a multitude of factors, including family and social support systems, financial stability, physical health, self-care habits, psychological, emotional and spiritual resilience, which sadly are out of reach for far too many people in the world.

In the last 45 years the suicide rate has increased 60% worldwide, so that by 2020 the rate of death by suicide is expected to be one every 20 seconds.

According to the WHO, 27 million people who suffered from opioid use disorders in 2016. US drug overdose deaths rose to record 72,000 in 2017.

I don’t want to dismiss the pain of the hundreds of thousands of people in the world for whom suffering isn’t a choice. But for many of us living lives of comfort and privilege, it can be. But it doesn’t necessarily make the pain less painful or less real.

In that abject pain, I didn’t really know who to call, being still pretty new to Ibiza island. I didn’t really even know what I’d say to my close friends, so far away on Turtle Island. I definitely didn’t want to post anything that would unleash a barrage of concerned Facebook messages.

So I decided I could either stay alone at home and continue crying, or I could pull myself together go to a cacao ceremony, hosted by my friend Aurore Sunrise.

So then I found myself drinking cacao medicine, and singing medicine songs. Then I found myself dancing. And that dancing led to being in a music video, filmed by a drone that just happened to be in the area, for a different sunset party. And then ending with some juicy group hugs. Followed by a Winter closing party with great DJs and more dancing.

In the following days, I had calls with:

  • A client services provider who’s taking care of my stuff like a guardian angel, with whom I have a relationship that includes sharing with radical honesty and authentic caring, what’s going on in our personal lives.
  • A psychedelic collaborator who ignited so much excitement over our next project together that I completely forgot about the emotional pain I was feeling
  • The World Ayahuasca Conference organizer on potential speaking and cross-promotional opportunities related to my Soul Purpose, which has me totally fired up on putting together core material in the coming 5 months
  • A psychedelic documentary film producer, on creating a docuseries together

I can definitely say I feel so much better now.

Why You Must Fill Your World with Soul-Aligned Tribe

We can’t change what happens to us, but can control our reactions and stories around those events. And sometimes we need a little help from our Soul Tribe to help us over the hump.

Even if you never reach out and ask that sad, dark question, but just knowing intuitively what each and every person’s answer is. That unequivocal,

“Yes, the world is so much better with you in it. And here are all the reasons why. Don’t you dare leave us. We love you.”

So that you don’t freak them out, but instead feel their unspoken love and recognition in the Field And all you have to do is tune into their frequency. Because they too are committed to their own soul level work, and know that the reason why we’re here on Earth is to teach each other compassion.

Having soul-aligned people in your life is priceless.

Your Soul Purpose Will Carry You Through the Shit Storms of Life

As well as having clarity on what your true Soul Purpose is in the world. Because the vessel of your Soul Purpose will carry you through dark and turbulent waters of life until you reach the soft, sandy shores at the end of your journey.

Where multi-colored birds sing sweetly in the palms, and the entire Universe cheers:

You made it!

You did this work you set out to do, you fulfilled your mission. You remembered and weren’t distracted by all the illusions of Maya. You didn’t slip into deep slumber, because choosing sleep is so much easier than the pain of waking up.

How brave of you to incarnate on such a difficult planet, full of suffering, full of darkness and terrible things…and to remember what you really came here for.

Flame bearer. Bright star. Messenger.

That you are fighting a war, but it’s not a war between you and others, is a war against the darkness inside yourself. And it’s not even a war that’s meant to be fought, with weapons and rage, but the illumination of darkness that can only be done by cultivating the light of your Soul and fiercely loving the Shadow within.

And thank you, Dear Child, that you keep doing the work, even though there are so many times when you really don’t know what that work you are meant to be doing is, let alone how to show up.

So in faith, you cling on to the ship of your Soul’s Purpose for dear life. You set your sail and you focus on the horizon, and tune out the big-ass waves, and the scary dark clouds. With clear, resolute, single-minded focus your Soul Purpose carries you through life, sometimes getting battered by the waves, and other times full sail ahead, charting the waters of a life well-lived of absolutely no regrets.

And then of course, it helps to have a cabinet full of magic mushrooms.

Because, while there is value and wisdom to feeling the full force of your emotions, at the end of the day if you are really just done feeling like shit, you could eat some and be over it.

And realize, with mirthful, hilarious crystal-clear child-like clarity, that you are NEVER truly alone.

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Beaming light rays of love at you from the White Isle of Ibiza!

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