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Coaching & Consulting

Herein lies my zone of genius, the wisdom I’ve earned through blood, sweat and tears and, the creative passions I possess, which I apply towards supporting the highest good of my clients in profound, sacred service. But I won’t talk to you in a soft, mushy Goddess voice all the time, nor will steer you only towards what feels good and easy, when it is not in service to your Big Vision.

Sometimes, we need to stand in the alchemical fire in order to shed that which no longer serves us and transform into the highest version of ourselves. Sometimes that transformation is difficult. Messy. Emotional. I am right here by your side to hold you in fierce love as you spread your phoenix wings and rise up from the ashes of who you were. But I won’t force you, if you are not ready. I will always present to you the crossroads which I see, and the consequences of choosing either path. I will always give you an empowered choice.

I Am the Soul Purpose Shamana to Your Sacred Vocation

& Medium of Your Inspired Message

My gift is to amplify your inspired message to global audiences so that you attract a soul-aligned tribe ready to share your ideas, eager to buy your stuff, and become the soulmate clients you’ve been waiting for.

I started my Internet marketing journey as an SEO consultant, and I still am actively engaged with SEO on my own websites. However, I have found that for myself and the clients I serve, SEO is not the best path towards discovery. Search Engine Optimization takes a long time to generate results. It takes usually about a year of hard, consistent effort to start showing up on the first page of Google, depending on keyword competition. Only then will leads start trickling in. Depending on what you are selling, conversion success is widely variable. Some niches perform really well in Google search. Transformational coaching leads are hard to convert off Google, unless you are already a recognized brand.

Many of my clients offer specialized coaching services to solve problems their ideal clients aren’t fully aware that they have, let alone are searching for the solutions to in Google. Furthermore, because my Soul Tribe leans towards the mystical, the kind of clients they wish to serve are also high on the woo scale, so ranking for a generic keyword like “health coach” isn’t going to attract the demographic they wish to serve.

Since most of my clients want to make great money in 3-6 months, I focus on teaching proven launch strategies, primarily Joint Venture launch strategies and Facebook funnel advertising. If you are just getting started in your business, and do not have an established client base, or proven products or services you offer, I don’t recommend getting started with paid advertising, because it can be very expensive to test all the different variables to identify the winning combination of message, look and feel, price point, and  offer that is critical to create a profitable sales funnel.

Joint Venture launches, if done right, can be fun and inspiring, because you get to connect with other influencers in your field, who will promote your offer to their audiences. However, it does take some foundational work to get “Joint Venture ready”. JV launches can be complicated, they always have some kind of wild card element (often tech-related), and many thought leaders have and do experience flops, even if they are seasoned launchers. For this reason, it’s valuable to work with a mentor on building such a foundation, so that you are positioned for optimal success, and forge lasting win-win relationships.

In order to successfully market to a spiritual or esoteric niche, it’s important to understand values that the audience, the culture they live in, the influencers that inspire them, as well as  know where to ethically source the images, fonts, and symbols that resonate with the audience, as well as find the words that move them.

Here are what I and my team excel at creating for our conscious collective. As a mentor and coach, I will lead you through the process of creating this content for your business. However, if done-for-you services are what you prefer, please let us know what you need by contacting us here.

PLEASE NOTE: Full agency services start at $1500 / month for a minimum of 6 months of engagement, not including ad spend.

The Soul of Your Brand

We will journey into the soul of your sacred brand and discover the symbols, colors, fonts and inspired message that best conveys the gift of your genius for the awakened audience you serve. From there, we create the Soul Code of your campaign. This does not have to be a rigid style guide for your brand. As launch specialists, we focus on campaign-centered branding;  some campaigns may be evergreen, while others just for a season.

Conscious Copywriting

We will dive into the heart and mind of your ideal client to channel the authentic message that moves your ideal client towards action, so that your optin landing pages, webinar registration pages, and long form sales pages convert.

Beautiful Banners

We will create standout banners for your marketing campaigns. These could be Facebook Ads, social media banners, presentation decks, blog post images, and anything else you need. I will help you prioritize graphics that are important and high-value, such as the banners you wish to use for Facebook promotion, over other design projects which have more vanity appeal, and less impact on traffic.

Inspired Email Marketing

If you wish to build a location independent business that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, you must attract soul-aligned fans to your email list, and nurture them with your wisdom. Receive guidance and insight on different types of nurture, promo campaigns, and evergreen campaigns you can create that create trust with your audience and inspire them to buy.

Luscious Lead Magnets

We provide eBook templates that include full back page call-to-action promo spot, that focalizes prospects towards the next step in your soulful sales funnel. I will help you find the right words and story so that your eBook is not only value-packed, it is focused on solving one critical problem for your ideal client and leaves them desiring more of you. We provide the flat design as well as the 3D eBook cover for use in your optin pages and on your website.

Soulful Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are so often sleazy, hypey, scammy, and all of this is a huge turnoff for spiritual audiences. However, you can create a soulful sales funnel that is authentic, value packed and so shareworthy that it makes its rounds around the world-wide web, inspiring people to email you on how much they loved the content within.

Viral Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are a powerful way to launch and grow your business, and while they have been around, they certainly are not dead. Leading marketing experts continue to use virtual summits and creatively innovate them to offer much more value than the telesummits of old. A well-designed, standout virtual summit with excellent programming, and powerful speakers can easily be shared hundreds of times through social media by total strangers. Let me and my team help you make yours one of them.

Shareworthy Social Media

Content marketing is the backbone of an expert-based business, whether the content is created to attract organic traffic, or if it is shared through paid advertising and Joint Venture promotion. Extra amplification can be found in any marketing campaign, whether organic or paid, when the titles, images, and message of your content is shareworthy. If you want to achieve wide social media reach, we can help you.

Awakened Affiliate Marketing

While the affiliate marketing world is full of scammy offers, there is an abundance of products and educational programs that you can promote as an affiliate, that are high-value, transformational, and authentic. If affiliate marketing is an area you wish to explore, allow me to orient you to the market, the tools you will need, and the strategies that work, so that you can get started as quickly as possible.

About Lorna Li

Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna discovered her purpose and her divine calling while drinking visionary plant medicines with indigenous shamans, in 2004. She was given a mission:

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”

In pursuit of this mission, Lorna became a new media strategist to sustainable brands, social ventures and visionary entrepreneurs, helping them attract their tribe and ignite a movement around their mission-driven businesses. Through podcasting, video blogging and social media, she shares the stories of both indigenous people and the world’s foremost experts in psychedelic science, modern shamanism, and consciousness research to inspire each and every one of us to explore the depths of our minds, spirits, planet…and evolve.

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