A 6-month Soul Purpose personal branding experience for Modern Wisdom Keepers to create a sacred online presence that is aligned with the vibration of your Highest Self and in harmonic resonance with your Soulmate Clients.


Are You A Light Leader Who Has Evolved Beyond
the Old Paradigm of Your Current Website, Role,
Job or Business & Are Ready to
Birth a New Soul-Powered Brand?

Light leaders are visionaries who seek to raise collective consciousness of the planet and catalyze the shift to an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet through their Soul’s Purpose.

Leaders who are taking their next big step into the public domain because they know it is their sacred calling to leverage their precious human life to make lasting, positive, global impact.

Visionaries who:

  • Know that their Soul Purpose in this life is to help raise the collective consciousness of the planet, and this work starts with raising their own vibration.
  • Lead and create from the heart, with courage, compassion, joy, humility, authenticity, and vulnerability.
  • Understand the power of creating community and expanding collective wisdom, so that we can come together to learn, evolve, and teach each other compassion and unconditional love.
  • Recognize that there is boundless Abundance in the Universe, and that one’s ability to receive abundance in exchange for their sacred service is simply a powerful alignment of energy.
  • Receive with gratitude the guidance of Elders, Teachers, and Spirit Guides, who have accompanied you throughout Time and Space, in an unbroken lineage of ancient wisdom.
  • Is a humble student of the Great Mystery of Life, whereby every endeavor great or small is another step on a continuous path of evolution, that spans inumerable lifetimes and traverses multiple dimensions.

Does this sound like you?

Welcome Light Leader!

Does it feel to you that this path of continuous evolution you are on, that spans inumerable lifetimes, appears to be accelerating (along with humanity’s collective awakening) during this potent, yet tumultuous time?

That the light is getting brighter, and the shadow is getting longer?

And as you’ve travelled this path towards your Highest Self, in pursuit of your Soul Purpose, you look back and realize that you are a completely different person from who you were a year ago, 3 years ago, and 5 years ago….

And that your online presence still reflects the old you.

If you are ready to shed the skin of your old online identity and birth a new presence, one that is deeply aligned with your True Divine Self and in harmonic resonance with those you wish to serve. One that magnetizes your Soulmate Fans, Customers, Clients, and Allies to your mission… then you are in the right place.

You are in the right place if you:

  • You are ready to launch a soulful sales funnel and want support creating and implementing your webinar, high-end client discovery session, or online course marketing campaign.
  • You are ready to launch a virtual summit and want to make sure you are positioned to successfully attract thousands of soul-aligned fans to your event by ensuring that the website is built correctly by a seasoned professional and the technology is working, so that you can focus on networking with partners and conducting soul-shifting interviews.
  • You are about to launch a new product or program offer to your existing tribe and you want to find the right words, design, and look so that your ideal customers and clients feel right at home when they visit your website
  • You want to repackage your offers to reach a new audience, because you may have outgrown the audience you once served, and are seeking to serve more soul-aligned tribe that has different values than your current clientele.
  • You struggle with finding the right words that hook the interest of the people you wish to serve, so that when they land on your sales page, your ideal prospect says, “This is EXACTLY what I want and need RIGHT NOW!”
  • You are overwhelmed with the technology behind creating web pages and setting up sales systems, and really want to receive step-by-step support and feedback.
  • You have been serving clients all these years and are finally getting around to upgrading your old, outdated website.
  • You have been in the workforce for many years, and are changing careers. You do not want to start off as “entry level” in a new industry. You want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your new field so you can make a parallel transition to an equivalent, if not better, role.
  • You are an Intrapreneur Agent of Change who wishes to establish a strong personal brand in your industry, attract speaking gigs, better job opportunities, and evolve into an industry celebrity who is impossible to fire.
  • You are an Awakening Entrepreneur who is ready to give your online presence an extreme makeover, because nobody seems to really know what you do, and you know beyond a doubt that this powerful realignment will magnetize more money.

If only you could focus on shining the light of your thought leadership,
while someone else takes care of the heavy, technological lifting.

Hi, I’m Lorna, and the fact that the Universe led you here, means there is powerful magic to be made.

If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or burnt out, just know that I know what you are going through, because I’ve been there myself.

I really wished, for a long time, that someone would just “do my business” for me, while I focused on shining the light of my ideas and message around the world. Well, that never happened for me…

Instead, I had to learn how to do everything myself, because back then, I didn’t have the budget to hire an agency, and there was no point in doing that anyways, because I had no idea what I was going to sell. So I rolled up my sleeves and committed to mastering this Internet business game. I built my first website in 2005, and launched… to crickets. I didn’t realize that I needed traffic. So I started mastering the art of SEO and organic traffic generation. Then I discovered, all of this was a colossal waste of time if I had nothing to sell. So I decided I would sell consulting services… and then discovered that in order to sell consulting packages, I had to learn how to close a deal….And in order to have enough deals to close on a consistent basis, I had to learn how to do Internet marketing launches and paid advertising to generate leads….

After numerous breakdowns and many breakthroughs, countless hours and over $100K spent trying to master every aspect of Internet marketing. I was finally able to create an Internet business based on my life purpose, that reaches hundreds of thousands of people through iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and my email list.

I’ve created thousands of pages of SEO-optimized content, dozens of websites and launch funnels, podcasts and videos, as well as countless banners, logos, ebooks, etc over the last 14 years. As I’ve been doing these things for my own business as well as for clients, the question that is always the top of mind is, how do I simplify all of this, and make it fast not only for myself, but easy for the clients I serve?

So my team and I have created all kinds of templates, from banners, to eBook designs, to websites and landing pages, so that my clients can focus on delivering their genius, spreading their message, and forging powerful partnerships, while my team takes care of the technological heavy lifting.

Are You Ready to Shed the Skin of Your Old Online Identity
And Evolve a New, Radiant Web Presence
in Alignment with Your True Divine Self?

The Sacred Brand Soul Journey Program

This is where we take a 6-month pilgrimage into the heart of your Soul Purpose, and emerge with the sacred wealth blueprint for your next business endeavor. During this journey we will uncover the most powerful combination of words, colors, symbols and images to create a sacred brand presence that magnetizes your soulmate client, for your website, launch pages, or offers. Choose one of these destinations for your Soul Journey:

Magnetic Brand Website

Launch a magnetic personal brand website, that is configured to attract your tribe and fill your calendar. Key features we will work on include your Home Page, About Page, Calendar Booking System, Programs & Services Page, and Discovery Session Application Process.

High-End Client Funnel

This is the One Funnel That Rules Them All, and the keystone of an online coaching or consulting business. Together we will craft an Irresistible Free Gift that attracts your Soulmate client, a Prospect Warming Nurture Sequence, Discovery Session Application Process and Soul-Shifting High-End Program Sales Page.

Webinar Launch Funnel

Webinars are a powerful way to establish yourself as an expert and build trust with your audience.  You will learn how to create a webinar that sells through the wisdom of your hero’s journey. Master all the moving parts of creating wealth through webinars, while we create your beautifully branded presentation, webinar registration pages and email sequences.

Virtual Summit Launch Funnel

Virtual summits are a powerful way to grow your audience, but the launch mechanics can be complicated and daunting. Instead of getting bogged down by the technology, focus on recording soul-shifting interviews and building your relationship with powerful new allies. My team will design your banners, build the website, and integrate it with your email, CRM, and / or shopping cart . You will receive our entire virtual summit system, plus fill in the blank email templates.

“Thank You!”

Thank you Lorna for taking the stress out of marketing and simplifying the workflow mystery for me. I have always been timid with marketing as the process is so time consuming and just a bit scary for the uninitiated. Your guidance has encouraged me to see where my weaknesses are and you have effortlessly emboldened me to change. Meeting you has been inspirational. I humbly thank you for your expertise and guidance.

Lorna effortlessly guided me through the maze and connectivity of sales funnels through the mail chimp integration. And did I mention the E-Book! Made me look like the professional that I am (but wasn’t online!).

~Sharon Ramel

Online Spiritual Course Creator and Teacher, Spiritual Fusion Network

What You Get

One 90-Min Funnel Strategy Deep Dive & Soulmate Client Visualization Call

This is where we chart out the road map to the strategy you will implement. We will establish the list of deliverables and deliverability date so that by the end of our 6 months together you will have a working, tested sales funnel that is ready to receive qualified traffic and generate sales.

Six 30-Min 1-1 Calls with Lorna

You get six 30-minute get-it-done call with Lorna, that you can use at your discretion, whether on a monthly basis, or concentrated in the beginning, middle or end of your program. During these calls, we will review your strategies, go over your marketing copy, dive deep into your funnels, and give any web page the extreme makeover it needs so that you are positioned for optimal success. In between calls, you will have email access to Lorna, where much can be accomplished towards the completion of your funnel or website. A project will be created for you in Asana, which will notify you of any actions you need to take, pending tasks as well as the overall status of your web build.

One "Done for You" Funnel or Website Build

You will receive a website or sales funnel template based on Lorna’s battle-tested marketing and sales system. We will provide accompanying banners and graphics necessary for the specific pages included in the system. We will add your professional photos and customize the look and feel of the web templates to reflect your personal brand. We will integrate your chosen sales systems with your email, CRM, and / or shopping cart system. 

“Lorna is a funnel wizard!”

Lorna is a funnel wizard! Not only did she help me streamline my funnel but she gave me the critical input needed to create laser-focused my copy and increase conversion. The e-Book cover her team designed looks great, my funnel pages are attractive, and brand-aligned, and my sales page copy is hot.

Her system and expertise really had an huge impact on my business!

Mariza Monteiro

Founder, She Knows Crypto

Is Soul Journey Right For Me?

I know one of the hardest things for many intuitive leaders facing a big decision, is how to discern is whether nervousness or jitters comes from your intuition warning you of impending physical danger, or your ego telling you to go no further, because it fears change.

I’ve decided to make it easy for you. So if you’ve made it all the way down here, I want to invite you to take a deep breath, center yourself in your heart, and connect to your highest self.

Now, go down this list and ask yourself if any of these affirmations apply to you. And if they do, tune into your heart and ask your highest self, “Is Sacred Brand Soul Journey Right For Me?”

  • You want a path to creating a 6-figure income, or more, offering transformational services that are an expression of your Soul Purpose
  • Your sacred business is ready to ascend and the next most obvious step is to accelerate the expansion of your soul-aligned tribe
  • You’ve been in business for a while, but you’re frustrated because your results aren’t yet what you would like them to be.
  • You want to make great money and transform the lives of others, while staying in integrity and in alignment with your values
  • You want your branding, marketing and message to be authentic and of the highest vibration
  • You want to impact the lives of people around the world through the power of your visionary ideas
  • You want to attract powerful soul-aligned allies, and partner on the power of “full-body ecstatic yes!”
  • You know beyond a doubt you are here to make a lasting positive legacy in the planet, and that this is your key to a life of absolutely no regrets.


How is this program delivered?

This is a Done For You Program where you create the content, provide the photos and images you want to use. We then take your content, brand it, package it, publish it, and integrate the technology so that you have a fully functioning end-to-end sales system. In order for the agency to be able to deliver a complete and full funnel within a 6-month time frame, we need to receive all your completed copy and digital assets within 90 days. It typically takes us 6-8 weeks to build a working sales funnel upon receipt of your complete content.

Why is the Soul Journey Program 6-months long?
Soul Journey is 6-month program full service agency program for established entrepreneurs who already have clarity on what niche they serve, an existing audience in the thousands, and at least a one-year history of selling programs, products, and service packages.

Sacred Brand Soul Journey is ideal for Modern Wisdom Keepers who already have plenty of content to work with, and want to repackage this content into new products, as well as for those seeking to completely re-brand. This program is also for change-making intrapreneurs who want to create a personal brand to position themselves as an industry leader.

To qualify for this program, you already need to be generating income through your business, and be willing to invest at least $1000 a month in paid advertising to send traffic to your offer. You also need to have all your digital content and assets ready for my team to take and re-create into stunning eBook designs, and webpages.

In order to be well positioned for maximum benefit, we suggest you already be familiar with the launch strategy you would like us to implement, and have these assets ready:

  • Professional personal brand photos with at least 3-5 photos with different postures and outfits that we can use
  • Articles or e-books that can be revised and repurposed
  • A website on your own domain, or Leadpages or Clickfunnels account
  • An email service provider with autoresponder functionality

If this sounds like you, you are invited to apply for a discovery session to see if working together is a fit.

If you do not have this content and must create this from scratch, then it is best that you join the Ascension 12-month program instead.

I feel like I need more time to learn about one of these launch strategies. Do you have a longer program?
Yes! For entrepreneurs who do not yet have an online sales system that attracts at least 1000 opt-ins a month and generates recurring revenue, 12 months is typically how long it takes to learn new strategies, master new skills, and successfully implement the technology.

A 12-month container gives you the time to be able to implement 2 launches, grow an email list in the thousands and become fluent in the skills you need to be a successful online business owner.

Will I get to work with Lorna directly?
Yes! You will receive 1-to-1 calls with me to review your offers, marketing copy, web pages, and strategy, as well as address any questions or obstacles that might come up during the process.
Will Lorna write my website and marketing copy?
No. While copywriting is one of the core skills in my zone of genius, I serve as the medium to your message, but you must write your own story. Direct response copywriting is one of the most powerful skills an entrepreneur can develop. Copywriting is best done by the business owner; it is not something that can be easily or effectively outsourced in a way that is authentic to you and persuasive to the audience you know so well. Few other people will be able to write a more compelling message than the product creator.
Will Lorna manage my launch?
No. The program does include web production, graphic design services, and we can handle emailing administrative messages like sending out summit agreements, or following up with summit speakers on headshots, etc. The service, however, does not include launch management services, which involves careful monitoring of campaign performance, appropriate partner communication based on launch statistics, as well as strategic campaign pivots.

Just like an entrepreneur needs to “own” their own business for their business to thrive, I believe that entrepreneurs need to “own” their launch and their JV relationships, especially in the beginning. I speak from the experience of outsourcing my launch to a launch management company, having it totally flop, and being out all that time, plus thousands of dollars.

As you grow, and find yourself comfortable calling the shots, understanding what the data means, and the impacts of different strategic choices, then, it makes sense to have someone manage your launch. But I believe to do so prematurely is to give up your own power.

That being said, my agency can provide launch management services as an add-on, but know that this would be a premium 5-figure service, plus percentage of sales.

Will Lorna help me with Facebook advertising?
No. Facebook advertising is not included with this program, however, I can, provide this as an add-on service for an additional monthly retainer.
What if I don’t have a website yet? Shouldn’t I figure this out first?
The strategies you will learn do not depend on whether or not you have an official website for your business. In fact, I am a big believer that an official business website can actually bog you down, and get in the way of you making great money sooner. For this reason, I rely on launch strategies that use different kinds of sales funnels, web pages that you can easily launch and toss, if you decide to create a new offer, or change your niche.

So many business owners get blocked by their belief that they need to get an official website “right” first, embarking on a never-ending process of content creation, revision, and perfectionism that drags on for months, even years. When all they really needed to do was create 4 standalone web pages within 1 month and start making sales.

Also, if you are fairly new to business, I suggest hopping into my 12-month program Ascension, which gives you a 1 year container to thoroughly explore 2 niches leveraging the power of sales funnels.

Many emerging entrepreneurs go on a niche journey that takes them through different markets (and offers) before finding their true home online. It is much better to leverage the power of sales funnels to explore different niches than offerings, before splurging on a custom website, that you will end up having to rebrand if you decide to change niches down the road.

What if I don’t have a business yet, let alone know what to sell?
Which comes first, product or audience, is a question that has long been debated by marketers since the dawn of commerce. I’ve spent years creating products and creating audiences, and I am a firm believer that creating an audience FIRST is by far the most efficient way to launch a business.

Unless you are a seasoned product marketer, who has done market research using multiple market research tools in order to identify gaps in the market, and already have several launches under your belt, so you know with confidence you can attract customers by running paid ads to your offer…you want to create your audience first.

So many creators spend months creating a product that hasn’t even been vetted by a buying market (surveys don’t count, because they tend to be based on responses from non-customers). When the product is all done, they then have to start the process of creating an audience to sell that product to, which delays the prospect of making money even more months.

More often than not, they discover that their audience doesn’t even want to buy the product they slaved away to build the months prior, and it’s back to the drawing board. This can be a time-consuming exercise in frustration.

If you don’t yet have an established revenue-generating business, I suggest you join the Ascension 12-month program. When you join Ascension, you will learn the life-changing art of attracting your soul tribe online and launching an offer that is aligned to their deepest desires. An online launch is typically a 3-6 month process, and in the 12-month Ascension program, you will have the space to test 1-2 niches and offers.

If you are clear about what service you are offering, then you will receive step-by-step support on the fastest way to launch a 6-figure business, serving high-end clients within a 6-12 month time frame.

How much time will this take? I’m already so busy with life, family and work. I really want to have my own online business but I’m not sure where I can find the extra time.
This is not a “learning from scratch” program. This is a full service agency program oriented towards entrepreneurs who already have some experience with running their own marketing campaigns and have existing content we can work with. The time we spend together is oriented towards you creating magnetic media that is irresistible to your soulmate client, based on your existing knowledge of the challenges and desires of your ideal clients, and the source material you already have.

Even if you have never implemented your own funnel, in order to complete the program with a working and tested funnel of your own, it’s best you start with a conceptual understanding of what a sales funnel is and how it works. I provide very detailed handouts with fill in the blank worksheets for your marketing copy, and How To training videos, so that content creation flows efficiently.

I suggest budgeting one hour a day towards content creation. However, know that the more time you put into this program, the more quickly you will complete your funnel, the faster you will see results in your business, and the faster you will start making money. A well-positioned, with some online experience will typically take 3 months to research their client avatar, put together an offer stack, and implement sales funnel. It’s entirely up to you to to take a full 6 months to implement your sales funnel, but that means we won’t have time to go review your traffic strategy or for me to guide you through the post-launch money making phase as in depth as we could, and this is where you have the opportunity to make the most money from your launch.

I’ve participated in business masterminds where the coaching was very aggressive, which can be at odds with where an entrepreneur is in his / her learning process.

The way I coach is that, I believe in giving my client choices along the way. At any major juncture I will share with you at least 2 choices (plus their pros, cons, and consequences to your business) so that you are empowered to make the best choice for yourself, given your current circumstances. If you are taking too long to put together your content, I will remind you of this with love, rather than with stress-inducing force, because at the end of the day, you are an adult with free choice.

I really want to take this program but I can’t afford it. Do you have a scholarship program?
I regret to say that I am not offering any scholarships for my business growth programs. This is because I am a big believer in the power of investing in your own business, as well as mastering any self-limiting money stories that are keeping you from making the money you want. Building a business involves taking risk with capital, and the more you are comfortable with this inevitability, the better an entrepreneur you will be.

In Sacred Commerce, money is energy. In order to receive that which you desire, you must be willing to give it FIRST. For example, if you want wonderful soul-aligned high-end clients, you need to be willing to first be a wonderful, soul-aligned high-end client.

If you want an online business, that means you by default also want people to pay you for your services with their credit card. If you want people to pay you by credit card, then you need to be willing to pay others with a credit card first, and overcome any story around “not wanting to be a part of the credit financial system.” This is how it works.

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with building up your business as a side hustle while you work a day job, and save a portion of your salary to invest in your business every month. I did this the entire 7 years I worked a corporate job. This meant I often worked 60-80 hours a week as I built up my consultancy.

Now I have a life of freedom, where I run my business from anywhere in the world, take longer vacations than 2 weeks, and drop into many wonderful soul-aligned communities in beautiful parts of the world to connect with tribe and collaborate on shifting collective consciousness. I was also able to qualify for a residency visa to move to the most perfect place in the world for me – Ibiza, Spain.

This dream didn’t happen for me overnight, it was a result of daily, focused intention and visualization, coupled with massive, consistent actions following strategies that worked, along with massive investing in my business education.

So if you want a freedom-based business offering your sacred gifts to global audiences, while generating recurring revenue online, an even more important question to ask yourself is not, how badly do you want this, it’s “how much pain are you willing to go through to have this?”

Building a 6-figure purpose-driven business isn’t easy, but it is priceless. And with the right support, it doesn’t have to be painful.

For me, the most painful time periods where when I did not have the support of a mentor to guide me through proven business strategies, and I wore myself out and drained my bank account following incomplete marketing tactics that felt like I was throwing spaghetti at a wall.

My breakthrough movement occurred when I invested in my first high-end mentor in a 1-1 mentorship program, made back 5 times my investment, and eventually superseded my last 6-figure corporate salary.

What was even more valuable was the confidence I acquired in the process in my own abilities. The fear and anxiety I used to feel before making big, important money decisions is gone. The devastation I used to feel around business setbacks dissipated. I have become more and more adept at solving bigger and more complicated problems.

If you really want this, and are ready to see what you are made of, hop on a call with me. We will map out the freedom timeline to your return on investment, so you will have clarity over exactly what you need to do in order to start generating great profits within 1 year.

When I think about stepping into your program, I feel fear and anxiety over making such a commitment. How can I overcome this?
Many intuitive entrepreneurs have a hard time determining if feelings of discomfort are warning signs from their intuition that physical danger is imminent. Here are some questions to ask your higher self.

  • Why do I feel this fear, when I know beyond a doubt that this is what I am meant to do and I want this so much?
  • Is it my ego not wanting to things to change, or is it my intuition warning me of danger.
  • If I show up, do the work, and implement a proven plan, with the support of an experienced mentor who has the business and lifestyle I want, what else is there to be afraid of?

If you need support, you can apply for a consultation with me so we can unpack these feelings and get you on a plan you feel good about.

I’ve purchased so many online courses and programs that didn’t give me any results. How do I know this won’t be the same?
Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve taken so many 5-week, 8-week, 12-week business courses that focused on ONE piece of the puzzle, and on top of that I had to figure out how to create all the pages and get it all the technology to work, on top of learning a brand new strategy.

That’s why Soul Journey is a 6-month agency supported program designed to help you implement a complete sales funnel from end-to-end, where you will receive fill in the blank funnel templates for your team or my team to add content to.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy building and optimizing funnels for clients and my business, and now you get to simply clone and customize my work and make it your own.

I’m very clear about what it’s like to work with me. I’m also very specific about who I work with. It’s in my best interest to help you see results because I want happy clients. If you’re feeling the call, apply for a discovery session with me and let’s see if it’s a match.

How do I know if this will work for me?
I totally want to make sure this program is right for you too, which is why I have an application form prior to booking a consultation call, to determine if working together is a fit.

I only have room in my calendar to provide 5 highly-motivated, GSD entrepreneurs full agency services each month. I am selective about who I work with and I only take on clients who are ready to step up in a big way in the next 6 months that I know I can help.

During our discovery session, it will be very clear if this is the path for you. If you’re not sure, you are invited to apply for a discovery session with me and let’s explore this together.

I can't do this right now, will you be offering this program again?
Much like a university or college, I have specific and finite student enrollment periods. I only do program enrollments after launches, and once my programs are filled, I focus on being 100% present to support my clients in the best way possible. I also offer different programs after online launches, so I cannot say for sure if this will be the program I offer after a new launch. I also cannot say when I will do my next launch because Spirit also calls me to work on other types of projects, in other parts of the world, so it could even be a couple of years that go by before my next launch.

Also, as my business and audience grows, my available time decreases and the value of my time increases. So my programs increase in price year after year, launch after launch. This also might be your only chance to work with me 1-on-1.

So if you’re hearing the call, it’s time to apply for a discovery session right now, and explore whether I can help you manifest the big vision you have for your sacred business. Aho!

“An Extra $60K-$80K a Year”

Lorna helped me build and promote my very first SEO friendly website for my sustainable landscaping company Farnsworth Landscaping. Not only is the site beautiful, it showcases my best work, and most importantly, shows up in search engines for important keywords in my industry. For years, my business had been word of mouth. Now I have a steady stream of customers that come to me through Google.

~Matt Farnsworth

Owner, Farnsworth Landscaping